Chakra Mixed Stone Smooth Round Beads Strand (mx2)


7 Chakra stone beads 15.5 inches strand


This strand of beads contains seven natural gemstones that match the seven chakras of the body. Each stone has its own healing properties and vibrational frequency. The strand includes:

Amethyst for the crown chakra: enhances intuition, spirituality, and creativity; calms the mind and relieves stress.

Lapis for the heart chakra: a blue stone that has a deep and rich color and a speckled and mottled appearance.

Angelite for the throat chakra: helps you communicate and connect with your higher self; fosters peace, tranquility, and forgiveness.

Amazonite for the solar plexus chakra: a green stone that has a bright and fresh color and a smooth and glossy texture.

Citrine for the sacral chakra: attracts wealth, success, and happiness; boosts confidence, creativity, and motivation.

Sunstone for the sacral chakra: radiates warmth, positivity, and enthusiasm; enhances leadership, courage, and personal power.

Garnet for the root chakra: a red stone that has a dark and intense color.

The strand is about 15 inches long.

Due to the natural origin of the beads, they may have few flaws or variations. The color may also vary slightly between different batches. Please note that the actual product may slightly differ from the photo in terms of color.

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